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Protect your Children: Choosing Internet Monitoring Software

With the Internet now common place in the schools and at home, kids and teenagers have instant access to some very useful and beneficial information. However, as with anything in our world, there is always the evil lurks out there which we have to be aware of.   Protecting your children and your computer is actually rather easy using any of a number of available Internet monitoring and access control software titles.  This article will help give you a better understanding so that you know what to look for when choosing an Internet monitoring and access control/Internet restriction software solution.

There are two main types of Internet safety software:

Monitoring Software - This type of software lets parents monitor what their kids are doing online. It can be installed to run invisibly background or in a mode that warns children that they are being monitored. Monitoring software can record email, instant messages, chat sessions, website activity, files downloaded and even captures your children's keystrokes.

Filtering/Internet Access Control Software - This type of software blocks kids from visiting inappropriate web sites such as sex sites, hate, violence, or any other topic a parent does not want their child to see. You have complete and customized control. For example, limit the time spent online, words/keywords that can be entered, applications accessed, control what web sites can be visited, and content control.

Once you decide if you are more interested in monitoring or filtering/access restriction, the next step is which specific product is best for your needs.

Monitoring Software:

Our recommendation for Internet monitoring software is iSpyNow.  iSpyNow gives you full control and monitoring power in real time of the computer(s) your children use! View Chats Conversations in Real time, keystrokes, passwords, email, remotely view the desktop and more!

iSpyNow is great for parents who work late or are not always at home, because iSpyNow is also a remote PC monitoring solution. You will be able to remotely view logs and all details of your children's Internet and computer activity from your computer at work or on your laptop.

Filtering/Internet Access Control Software:

Our recommendation for filtering and Internet access control is Access Control Software.  Access Control allows you to specify what days and hours your children may access the computer, Internet, or any game and application on your system! Build a daily time schedule for the week detailing when each of your children may use all aspects of your system. This software cannot be manipulated or disabled by your children.

The protection Internet monitoring software offers is well worth the money spent defending and protecting the well-being of your children and family.  If you have any questions or need any help selecting the appropriate internet monitoring software, please send us an email to: webmaster@spy-monitoring-software.com


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