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GhostSurf Platinum: Protect your privacy - Surf anonymously, erase your tracks, disable Spyware

GhostSurf Platinum Edition - anti-spyware and anonymous surfing

On the Internet, your privacy is at risk!

Privacy is currently the greatest concern of Internet users. You need to take a proactive approach in protecting your privacy, making sure that other people and organizations on the Internet cannot identify you, track the sites you visit, or even see where in the world you live.

You also need control of your Internet connection to watch incoming and outgoing data, block all types of advertisements, and even trace the owner of a website. Don't forget that you must protect your privacy on your own computer by eliminating unwanted data trails your browser creates, and detecting and destroying spyware applications that silently install themselves and observe your web browsing and other personal habits. This "private and personal" information is unsuspectingly sent back to computers and companies unknown.

By surfing the Web you are exposed to hackers, bombarded by advertisements and subjected to spyware. Everything you do and download online can be watched. Tenebril's GhostSurf Platinum is the solution. GhostSurf Platinum provides an anonymous, encrypted Internet connection and erases traces of your surfing using Department of Defense standards. GhostSurf Platinum also stops spyware, eliminates ads and provides a secure location to store your confidential documents.

GhostSurf - The exclusive tool that gives you complete control to protect your privacy

GhostSurf is designed to protect your personal information from ISPs, websites, other users of your computer, and malicious "spyware" software; in general, GhostSurf addresses each potential source of online privacy abuse. GhostSurf is also a comprehensive suite of ad-blocking tools; GhostSurf can block all types of ads, including pop-up, pop-under and even in-page and banner ads. And GhostSurf's privacy features will protect your identity from being harvested online, potentially reducing the amount of spam/junk e-mail you receive. GhostSurf seeks to give you control over your Internet experience by giving you a window into everything that goes on, and tools to control it the way you want it to be controlled.

Can't wait? Feel Safe and Secure with GhostSurf!

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Details of GhostSurf Privacy Protection Software:

Privacy Control Center (PPC)

The Internet connects you to millions of people in cyberspace. Hackers, Web masters and other users of your computer can watch your every move online. GhostSurf’s Privacy Control Center (PCC) shields your computer from an array of Internet threats and ensures your anonymity with one click. Be invisible on the Internet.

PPC Lets you customize your privacy level in real-time to suit your surfing needs, enabling you to block personal information, mask your IP address, and even encrypt your Internet connection.

  • Enables you to see and block every piece of data that your computer emits over the Internet, preventing even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from creating a profile on you

  • Helps you determine if a site is trustworthy by giving detailed data on the registrant, domain name, contact information, location and more.

  • Allows you to exclude selected Web sites from your privacy settings, permitting sites that require personal information, like online banks, to access your information.

  • Works with all Web browsers and supports anonymous instant messaging, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and news feeds.

Tracks Cleaner

By surfing the Web you create an information trail that hackers, other users of your computer and anyone else with technical savvy can use to learn about you. They can find out your surfing habits, view your Web history and even collect your personal or credit card information.

Tenebril’s TracksCleaner protects your privacy by erasing your Web history, cache, clipboard, cookies and more to Department of Defense standards.

  • Allows you to select from quick wipes to more thorough wipes involving the most advanced cryptographic algorithms available.

  • Prevents undelete tools from recovering your wiped data. Government-standard methods are used to stop even aggressive hardware recovery systems from retrieving your deleted files.

  • Removes residuals left on your computer from previously deleted files.

  • Compiles a list of all plugins associated with your installed programs to facilitate advanced wipes.

  • Enables you to protect certain elements from deletion, such as cookies or your favorite sites.

  • Runs wipes automatically according to a schedule that you customize to meet your needs.

Block Annoying Ads

When surfing the Web you encounter a multitude of advertisements, inappropriate sites and unsolicited content. AdArmor eliminates ads, prevents unsuitable content from reaching unsuspecting eyes and saves your bandwidth, giving you a faster Internet connection.
With AdArmor, you reclaim control of your computer screen.

  • Enables you to eliminate all types of advertisements, including pop-ups, in-page and paid search engine ads, as well as ActiveX, flashing text, animated images and more.

  • Shuts down annoying messages, such as "nag" screens. "Advertisers" list lets you block sites that could be inappropriate for members of your household.

  • Updates itself automatically to block new advertisers and to keep up with advances in ad technology.

  • Allows you to exclude selected Web sites from your ad-blocking preferences, permitting sites that require pop-up windows to function correctly.

  • Saves time and bandwidth, since blocked ads are not downloaded. Statistics show the amount and type of ads blocked and the number of bytes saved.

GhostSurf Platinum includes SpyCatcher™ 2006, Tenebril's state-of-the-art antispyware product (a $29.95 value).

Spyware is invisible to you, to anti-virus software and to firewalls. It reports your every move to advertisers and hackers. Adware throws pop-ups onto your screen even when you're not surfing. This software often can't be uninstalled or turned off. Companies and hackers use technology to invade your privacy. You need the tools to fight back.

  • Huge automatically updated spyware database catches everything from the most common to the most obscure threats to your privacy.
    Unique Reinstall Shield feature keeps aggressive spyware and adware from returning.

  • NEW! Patent-pending anti-phishing technology warns you when an illegitimate site is posing as a bank to steal your financial information.

  • 'Protector' feature monitors your PC for running spyware, alerting you the instant spyware tries to install itself.

  • NEW! Exclusive 'Parachute' feature detects and eliminates spyware that infects your PC's boot process.

  • Allows you to schedule automatic scans, providing protection even when you're not at the PC.

  • Tricks ad-dependent software into running even though adware has been disabled and poses no further threat.

  • Browseable online encyclopedia lets you educate yourself about what SpyCatcher found on your computer and stay up-to-date on the latest threats.

SpyCatcher is the first and only antispyware solution that continuously protects you from next-generation, mutating spyware easily and safely. SpyCatcher enables even novice PC users to remove and block the most insidious threats automatically, protecting your privacy and preserving PC performance.

Personal Data Vault. Your Digital Lockbox

Your computer is a gateway to the millions of people in cyberspace. A safe secures your valuables, but what’s protecting your documents? Tenebril’s Personal Data Vault (PDV) acts as a safe-deposit box for your confidential files.

  • Encrypts and password-protects your data, providing a single, secure place to store your sensitive information.

  • Shreds deleted files to Department of Defense standards to ensure that they are destroyed beyond recovery.

  • Allows you to back up data at the same level of security as the original file. Supports CD-ROMs, removable disks, USB pen drives and more.

  • Guarantees that you only have one copy of a confidential document by securely deleting a file from your computer once it is dragged into your vault.

  • Auto-closes after a set time so that your vault is never left open or vulnerable.

  • Keeps an organized list of online passwords, login info and Web sites in one encrypted location.

  • Enables you to edit files from within the vault for maximum convenience.

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