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OPUS ActMon - PC and Internet Monitoring Software

ActMon, formerly known as iOpus STARR, is the most powerful monitoring software available today. Record EVERY user activity on your computers and send reports invisibly via Email or local network.

"Useful and well-rounded package" (PC Magazine).

iOpus Actmon is available in a Home Edition and in the full-featured PRO Edition: Both editions record every activity on your PC(s). And unlike most filter- and blocking software, once installed, iOpus Actmon runs 100% maintenance free!

The Home edition is designed to record everything that happens on your computer which can be carefully reviewed by you.

iOpus Actmon HOME is the best choice for the use on a stand-alone PC, e. g. for parental control or for recording parents who wish to monitor what their children are doing online. It is an excellent alternative to standard filtering and blocking software.

iOpus Actmon is based on real world experience: It creates one HTML file that contains everything that you choose to log (keystrokes, used applications, visited websites chat transcripts,...).The HTML file is fully searchable for specific keywords (e. g. "xxx") making the evaluation of the log file a snap! The compact, single log file is also ideally suited for archiving the results to satisfy legal requirements.

Do you know what your children or employees are doing online?


Your benefit:

Most powerful keyboard logger - so powerful, it even logs the keystrokes typed during Win 2K/XP login.


You do not miss important keyboard activity.

All data is 256-bit encrypted using the strong U.S. government approved AES/Rijndael encryption. 


Your sensitive activity data is secure against unauthorized access and use.


ActMon "kernel-level" file protection: Files are completely inaccessible, not just hidden!


Files can NOT be removed or manipulated by user or so called "cleaner" applications.

Endless loop recording feature


Runs 100% maintenance free ("Set it & forget it"). 

Buy iOpus Actmon Home Edition Today!

How iOpus Actmon works for you:

  • Visual logging: See EVERYTHING that happens on your PC with the built-in screenshot recorder. Actmon creates an unique easy-to-read "all-in-one" interactive activity report.

  • Text Logging: Log keystrokes, user names, passwords, path names, access times, windows titles and send the log file by email, all invisible to the user. Fully searchable for keywords. iOPUS Starr Home Edition PC Monitoring SoftwareThis makes even the evaluation of large log files a snap! 

  • WEB Spy: Record all URLs of visited websites. The report can made in plain text or HTML (just click & browse to the recorded sites). Works with all popular browsers! 

  • IM/CHAT Spy: Record both sides of an Instant Message (IM) or chat conversation. This feature works with all leading chat software (AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Microsoft Messenger, Yahoo Chat). For all other chat software STARR does basic chat recording of all outgoing chats. 

  • AOL Spy: Record IM and chat conversations, emails and other content inside of AOL.  Receive the activity reports directly in your email. STARR sends them invisibly. For maximum security and speed the report can be sent as password-protected, compressed ZIP file. [iOpus Actmon PRO only]

  • Network functions: ActMon can save the log files directly over a local area network (LAN) and is prepared for an easy remote deployment. [iOpus ActmonPRO only]

  • Include or exclude certain users from monitoring. Create individual log and report files for each user. [iOpus Actmon PRO only]

  • IOpus ActMon is protected against manipulation: It runs invisibly and maintenance free. The log file is encrypted and the setup und un-installation is password protected.

  • Extensive and well documented step-by-step tutorials and help files.

Download a free evaluation version of IOpus ActMon Home Edition

For Small Business and Fortune 500 Companies:

Imagine your employees playing games in the office to downloading bandwidth-sucking movies or porn, gambling, trading stock, emailing sexually explicit or racist jokes and even sending out critical corporate information. Is this what you pay your employees to do?

The PRO Edition contains all the features of the HOME Edition plus the features you need in a professional environment: Flexible network functions allow you to send and receive reports via the Internet or the corporate LAN. STARR PRO also contains advanced setup and reporting functions and is prepared for remote deployment inside the local network. STARR PRO is employed frequently by small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, public sector institutions (universities, libraries and schools) and the military alike. iOpus Actmon PRO is also popular for many special tasks like usability testing or scientific studies of PC usage.


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