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 Nitrous Anti-Spy Personal Anti-Spyware and Hacker Detection Software

Nitrous Anti-Spy Software 2002

Protect yourself from spyware software, trojans, hackers...

As it begins NOW - Internet and computer protection will never be the same again! Nitrous Anti Spy is your single solution for virus, Trojan, hacking AND spyware protection on your personal computer. With Nitrous Anti Spy, you give yourself the power to stop malicious attacks against you and your families’ privacy and data. With the ability to scan system and startup files as well as monitor all applications that your operating system is currently running. The software also includes a port scanner and firewall to lock out malicious hacking attempts your system. Nitrous Anti Spy also notifies you each time there is an outside intruder attempting to compromise your system including the technique tried and the IP address of the attacker! If you, much like millions of other Internet users have sensitive information on your computer DO NOT hesitate to save your data while you can! Never misjudge the security of your computer. Let Nitrous Anti Spy give you the comfortable online experience you deserve.

With Nitrous Anti-Spy Software, your computer is an impenetrable fortress of Internet solitude.

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Anti-Spy Software InterfaceNitrous Anti Spy has revolutionized its scanning code! This new method allows a brief but incredibly thorough search of specified areas of your computer. The scan code from before, aside from being improved upon, is now the “deep search” which gives you the power to scan every nook and cranny of your systems hard drive. We highly suggest you use the “deep search” for overnight scans of your system for infected files.

Nitrous Anti Spy also comes pre-packaged with a Memory Scan feature! This scan allows you to scan any application currently running on your computer. The Spyware Finder is very similar to this feature, however the Spyware Finder actually shuts down and disables the application in stride.

Why do you need this Nitrous Anti-Spy Software?

  • Are you suspecting your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is "secretly" spying on you?

  • Do you cherish your privacy and want to do everything you can to protect your privacy?

  • Competitors can very easily gain access to your business computers and steal your trade secrets, marketing information, payroll... everything!

Nitrous Anti Spy also helps prevent hackers from spying and accessing your actions on your computer. Nitrous Anti Spy , unlike many run of the mill Anti-spy applications comes pre-packaged with its own firewall!  Nitrous Anti Spy also has the ability to locate every dynamic link library (DLL), system task and thread process that are actively running on your machine. It also provides you with the full path and relationship information on what programs are currently using those files, thus giving you the power to disable any of those processes that could potentially harm your machine.

Nitrous Anti Spy Software ScreenshotAs mentioned earlier Nitrous Anti Spy comes with its own firewall as well as its own port scanner. These utilities locate and notify you of open ports on your computer as well as monitor commonly used ports. By monitoring these gateways on your system, Nitrous Anti Spy can alert you instantaneously of any malicious activity. Our software comes pre-packaged with an update-able database of ports most commonly used by hackers and the common Trojan horse spyware programs in use. To add to this plethora of features, Nitrous Anti Spy also provides you with the ability to see what applications load when Windows starts up. We also provide you with our own registry editor, which allows you to allocate certain tweaks to your Windows registry.

Now that we’ve told you everything about Nitrous Anti Spy , get ready for more! Nitrous Anti Spy does not conflict with other Anti-Viral protection programs. In fact, we suggest you keep your anti-virus programs as to add more protection to your personal computer.

Finally we’ve designed this software to be incredibly user-friendly and resource-friendly. Nitrous Anti Spy is designed to allow a user to scan files that he or she have downloaded or found and are not familiar with. Our software does not automatically scan every file as it is opened and does not load during Windows startup. We also do not make changes to your Windows registry or .INI files. Nitrous Anti Spy does nothing secretly – you are in control. Nitrous Anti Spy also is easily scalable to update its virus database and new versions of the software itself.

Your Anti-Virus software keeps your machine protected from all the nasty viruses that can cause serious harm to your files and computer. But what about your Internet safety, chat conversations, even your identity! Nitrous Anti Spy protects your computer from hackers, spyware and Internet Trojans. Trojans such as “Sub Seven” – a program that allows someone access via the Internet to watch your every move and control your computer undercover, leaving you susceptible to even more attacks. Nitrous Anti Spy has been tested on machines with Norton Anti-Virus, Anti-Virus expert and Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Virus. These powerful anti-virus applications along with Nitrous Anti Spy can ensure you and your computers complete security.

Here is a more detailed list of how Anti Spy Software will protect you:

  • Easy to use interface.

  • Easy way to select what type of scans (deep search or standard).

  • Simple installation and a fully customizable scan list.

  • Ability to add specific files one at a time or an entire directory at a time.

  • Ability to remove certain files that you do not wish to scan.

  • Ability to add recommended files or even all files.

  • Displays how many files are in the scanning queue.

  • Displays how many infected files were found.

  • Displays the size of each file as it is scanned.

  • Displays the progress of each file as well as the overall scanning process.

  • Ability to delete, mark as read-only, mark as read/write access to files.

Special Added Features:

  • Includes an Internet Firewall/Port Monitor.

  • Includes a Spyware Detector

  • Includes a Registry Scanner.

  • Includes a Start up file scanner.

  • Be alerted when someone tries to break into your PC!

System Task Monitor:

  • Monitors all programs running, giving the file location.

  • Displays all program windows and DLL threads in use by the Windows.

  • Ability to close the selected window and or program.

  • Ability to scan the selected program.

System INI Scans:

  • Ability to scan your INI files that are used during start up.

  • Ability to clean the INI files to see if they contain any infected files.

Other bonus features:

  • Interactive tutorial will show you the ropes of our software with ease!

  • Spy along with documentation on how to effectively use the software is also included.

  • Displays the number of viruses/Trojans detected.

  • Displays information about the keywords used in virus/spyware detection.

  • Scan Code for Standard Search has been upgraded to 6x faster than original.

  • Deep Search converted from the original standard search.

  • Detailed File Progress window.

  • Even easier to use interface.

  • Professional update feature, including BUILD checking to ensure you have the latest software version.

  • New database code.

  • More spyware and trojan definitions.

  • Memory Scanner upgraded.

  • Spyware Scanner upgraded.

* Note: Nitrous Anti Spy provides detection of majority of versions, not just one.

Nitrous Anti Spy can detect over 250+ of the most common SpyWare programs out there, plus many other trojans and some nasty viruses!

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