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SpyCop Counter Surveillance Scanner- Privacy Protection and Anti-Spyware Software

Do you even have a clue that someone may be spying on you?

Has someone installed surveillance software on your computer without your knowledge or consent?

With hundreds of thousands of copies of commercially available spy software titles in use worldwide, there's a good chance your computer may be bugged right now, or if it isn't, it could be at any time!

  • Virus scanners don't detect monitoring spyware

  • Firewalls don't stop monitoring spyware

  • Spyware can be installed remotely

  • Spyware can capture & record every web site you visit

  • Spyware can capture & record chat conversations

  • Spyware can capture & record emails

  • Spyware can capture & record passwords

  • Spyware can capture and record credit card info

What can you do to protect yourself and your privacy?

SpyCop anti-spy software will search your Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP computer and alert you instantly if your system has any of the covert surveillance spy programs installed! When spy software is detected on your system, SpyCop lets you know when the offending application was installed, and gives you the option of easily disabling it.  No other scanning package can detect anywhere near the number of programs SpyCop can find so far.

This is how SpyCop will SPYPROOF your PC:

  • Stop Password Theft Dead- SpyCop detects spy software that is put on your computer to capture your passwords

  • Keep Your Emails Private - SpyCop alerts you if your emails are being snooped by spy software.

  • Kill Instant Message & Chat spy software - SpyCop keeps your online chats and instant messages safe from prying eyes.

  • Stop Surfing Monitors - SpyCop can prevent spy software from capturing & recording what websites you're visiting.

  • Stop Keystroke Loggers Dead- SpyCop protects you from spy software that can capture & record your every keystroke.

  • Prevent Online Credit Card Theft - SpyCop can help keep your credit card information safe if you shop online.

  • Protect Your Banking Information - SpyCop can protect your banking information from being stolen if you bank online.

  • Prevent Unauthorized spy software Data Transfer - SpyCop can stop spy software from relaying your private information over the Internet

  • Prevent Identity Theft - SpyCop can stop spy software from capturing and recording information that can help someone steal your identity.

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Catch a Spy!

Whether you are simply a home user or a business, you need to protect yourself with SpyCop.
Sleep well at night knowing that your personal information, or your company's corporate secrets are protected from prying eyes. Many think someone needs access to your computer to install spy software.  Now there are hybrid versions that can be sent to you just like a virus in your email.  You'll never know it without SpyCop installed on your computer.

Did you know that anyone can:

  • Capture & record every web site you visit

  • Capture & record every email you read or write

  • Capture & record every chat room you enter

  • Capture & record your banking information

  • Capture & record all your passwords

  • Capture & record everything you type or click on your computer

This is Serious, You Can't Take Your Personal Privacy and Security Lightly

Without your knowledge or permission, some of these software products have the ability to send the above information about you to any computer in the world completely silently via email. Advertiser spyware isn't the only problem any more.  If you bank online or access password protected material, your passwords or private banking information can be exposed!

That's right! Everything you do on your computer can be transmitted right now, instantly, to anyone, anywhere !

Virus, Trojan and Advertiser scanners can NOT protect you. These scanning programs are not designed to find computer monitoring spy programs.

Spy Cop Anti Spyware Software Screenshot

SpyCop is the only complete computer monitoring detector available. SpyCop detects screen recorders, chat recorders, Internet loggers, network administration monitors and of course, keyloggers. Don't be tricked into buying a plain anti-keylogging program when more than half of all spy programs aren't necessarily keyloggers. SpyCop will detect the spy, tell you when it was installed, and optionally disable it! SpyCop can find over 299 spy programs!

You'll receive unlimited FREE technical support and a year of free database updates with your order! And program upgrades are free for life! With any download! That means you don't ever have to spend another penny to protect your privacy! One purchase and your protected for life.

Have you unknowingly downloaded a program that is sending your personal information across the Internet?

  • Find computer monitoring programs used to spy on spouses and employees

  • Allows you to rename any suspect files

  • Minimize the software while scanning so you can do other things!

  • You can right click on files in explorer and scan them for spyware!

  • Single file scan function built in complete with browse capability

  • Save the results to a text file for future reference

  • Print the results directly from the software

  • Just the appearance of SpyCop Icon on your computer deters spyware installation

  • Find out when a spy program was installed.

  • 24/7 email customer service

  • Easily check to see if a spy program is detectable with database search

  • "LiveUpdate" feature to instantly update your database without re-downloading!

  • Unrecognizable to most spy programs so the spy won't catch you using it.

  • A screensaver which will scan your system when you are away.

  • SpyCop can disable detected spy program files by renaming them and lets you know when it was installed.

  • SpyCop appears to be a standard Windows utility to most spy programs out there, so the spy won't know that YOU know!

  • Update your spyware database with a simple click of the mouse. This will ensure your SpyCop installation has the latest releases of spyware to search for.

  • The Corporate edition allows you to run SpyCop on a network with automated deployment. A Corporate license also has site licensing options and can be used on more than one machine.  There are no feature differences between the two programs. Corporate customers also receive priority customer service.


    Download a Trial Copy of SpyCop Today! - Includes an 60 day money-back guarantee!

    Home Use: Buy SpyCop Home Edition Today!
    Business/Corporate Use: Buy SpyCop Corporate Edition Today!


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