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SpyTech Monitoring Software Comparison

This comparison chart will help you decide which of the SpyTech software products is for you. Please use the table below to choose what monitoring software best suits your needs. 

Also check out the What Spy Monitoring Software is Best for Me? - Find out what monitoring software solution will best fit your security needs.






Keystroke Logging *
Applications Logging *
Documents Logging *
Software Installs Logging      
Clipboard Logging      
Windows Logging *
Website Logging *
Email Logging (POP3/SMTP)   *
Conversation Logging (AIM,ICQ,Yahoo,MSN Messengers) *
Internet Connections Logging *
Passwords Logging *
Screenshots Capturing   *
Log Delivery via E-Mail    
(of IP)
Log Delivery via FTP    
Log AutoClearing  
Deploy Utility    
Built in Log Viewers
Discrete Stealth Mode
Active Startup Mode
Load on Window's Startup
Password Protection
Local Log File Encryption      
Log File Exporting    
Options Export/Import    
Splash Warning Screen  
Adjustable Thread Priority    
Log Scheduling  
Lockdown Scheduling
Password Cache Viewer  
Unlimited Tech Support
Windows 98/ME Compatibility
Windows NT/2000/XP Compatibility
Centralized Log storage/viewing on a Network    
Web-based log viewing  
Remote Viewing of Registry Startup Entries    
Remote Viewing of Open Ports    
Realtime Application/Window Viewing    
Remote File System browsing    
Remote Admin Functions    
Remote desktop viewing    
Send Message to user    
Remote System Info viewing  
Logoff/shutdown remote PC  
Lockdown remote PC  
Remotely Installable
(stealth edition)

(stealth edition)
Website/Application Filtering    
Chat Messenger Filtering    
Defeats Spyware Detectors  
Event Alert Notifications    


Information Logged





Keystrokes Typed *
Documents Viewed *
Documents Printed *
Clipboard activity      
Applications Executed *
Events Timeline   *
Software Installations      
Emails Sent/Received (POP3/SMTP)   *
Window Titles *
Conversations (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN Messengers) *
Internet Connections *
Passwords Entered *
Website URLs *
Computer Shutdown *
User Logons(Windows 9x) *
Usernames *
Start/Stop Times on Websites and Applications Logged *
Desktop Screenshots   *
Time Stamps on all log data *

*When used in conjunction with SpyAgent. Click here to read more.

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