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Webroot Window Washer - Wash away all traces of your PC and Internet activity and improve system performance

Window Washer: Wash away all traces of your PC and Internet activity and improve system performance.

Wash away all traces of your PC and Internet activity and improve system performance - Webroot Window Washer.


Why do you need Window Washer?Webroot Window Washer

  • Online activities can be traced through browser cache, cookies and history.

  • System and application software also store information that could compromise privacy.

  • Cleaning these files recovers hard disk space and speeds up system performance.

Here’s how Webroot Window Washer protects your privacy and improves PC performance

  • Wash away your online and offline tracks to protect your privacy

  • Bleach completely wipes out data for total privacy protection

  • Custom wash cycles put you in control

  • Automatic cleaning saves you time

  • Free plug-ins clean up over 150 popular programs

  • Improves your system performance

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New in release 6.5

  • Windows Vista Compatible

  • Expanded application cleaning for over 470 3rd party programs

  • Updated interface makes it faster and easier to keep your privacy

  • Erases tracks of sites you've visited

  • Removes thousands of unnecessary files

  • Increases computer performance

  • Securely removes files using government standards

  • Can be set to clean your computer on a regular schedule

  • Deeper cleaning power to cover even more areas of your PC

  • Free space cleaner to free up more of your PC's resources

  • Protection for more browsers including Mozilla and Firefox

  • Extended cleaning for the latest releases of AOL, Internet Explorer and MSN.

  • Broader cleaning power for Windows XP and Windows Media Player.

  • Added bleaching power for file slack space.

  • The option to automatically run a wash every time you close your browser.

  • A new interface makes it easier to use than ever before.

  • Support for many non-English language Windows systems.

  • Shred files in one-click from the Windows right-click menu.

  • Wash instant messaging files just like you clean your Internet history.

  • Improved safety measures prevent accidental removal of critical system files.

  • Automatic discovery and installation of plug-ins to clean popular programs like Adobe Acrobat, Windows Media Player, KaZaa and more.

  • Customize the user interface to suit your comfort and experience level.

  • Cleans hard-to-find data hideouts like slack space and streams.

  • Washes and resets the contents of the Pagefile and Swapfile on warm or cold reboot.

Webroot Window Washer Features:

Automatic cleaning
Schedule automatic cleaning cycles at specified intervals, during shut down or start-up.

Custom wash items
Simply click and assign your personal set of files, folders, or registry entries for cleaning.

Bleach for extra security
Completely overwrite files with random characters making them unrecoverable by undelete or unerase utilities – a security feature which exceeds the tough standards of the Department of Defense.

File Shredding
With a file shredder built in to the Windows right-click menu, secure removal of a document is only a mouse click away. Shredding will permanently and securely overwrite a file rendering it unrecoverable with unerase utilities.

Cookie keeper
Save valuable cookies to maintain your preferred Internet settings and log-ins.

Boost performance
Remove unneeded files to recover hard disk space and speed up system performance.

Free custom wash plug-ins
Over 150 free, pre-configured custom wash plug-ins clean the tracks of popular programs such as RealPlayer, KaZaa, and Adobe Acrobat.

Convenient and easy-to-use
One mouse click launches the "Wash Now" function, cleaning in the background.

Critical File Protection
Window Washer includes built-in safety features to help prevent you from accidentally removing important files. Alerts prompt you to confirm your request to delete special folders, like system folders, My Documents, My Photos, and others, so they remain safe from unintentional deletions.

Smart Cookie Saver
Window Washer deletes the cookies you don't want and lets you keep and save those you do. That way you maintain your preferred Internet settings and log-ins for all your favorite sites.

Total System Erase
Window Washer can be set to fully erase your hard drive, files, programs and operating system for easy re-formatting. Consider using this feature if you're donating or selling your PC and you don't want your files to be seen by strangers.

Expert Customer Support
Webroot Window Washer is backed by knowledgeable and friendly customer support technicians to help you through any issues you encounter. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer online and phone support absolutely FREE.

What you do on the Internet is nobody's business but your own! Clean up your tracks to protect your PC and Internet privacy.

Internet Browser Cleaning

  • cache

  • cookies

  • history

  • mail trash

  • drop-down address bar

  • auto-complete forms

  • downloaded program files

  • and more

PC Cleaning

  • recycle bin

  • registry streams

  • Windows run and find history

  • scan disk files

  • recently viewed pictures

  • locked index.dat files

  • recently opened documents list

  • Windows temp files folder

  • and more

Why you need Window Washer to protect your privacy and improve your PC’s performance

  • Online activities can be traced through browser cache, cookies, history and forms files.

  • System and application software also store information that could compromise privacy.

  • Cleaning these files recovers hard disk space and speeds up system performance.

The fact is, you are increasingly vulnerable to privacy invasions unless you take steps to protect yourself and your computer data. Webroot has solutions that can help you take control.

Window Washer is the original and most advanced system cleaning software available. Called a "must-have surfing tool" by C|Net, Window Washer quickly and easily cleans unnecessary and unwanted traces of your online activity. Window Washer is an essential tool or anyone concerned about online privacy and system performance.

DON'T WAIT! - See what over one million savvy Internet users already know!

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"Window Washer is a must have surfing tool." - C|Net

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