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 iSpyNow - Remote Monitoring Software FAQs

Can anyone besides me review recorded log data?

Your log files are safe and secure on our server. You are the only one who can view your logged information inside your iSpyNOW control panel console with your username and password you have created during signup.

Can I install iSpyNOW from a floppy of CD-ROM?

Absolutely! Simply copy your configured iSpyNOW module (that you created using the Module Configuration utility inside the iSpyNOW Tray Companion software) to a floppy or blank CD, and then insert that media into the computer you wish to monitor. Then - simply run the file, and reboot the PC. Once the PC starts up, iSpyNOW will begin monitoring all of the users activities.

How can I stop iSpyNOW from recording data on a remote PC?

To stop iSpyNOW from recording a user, simply select that user from inside the iSpyNOW control panel (after you have logged into your account). Once the user is selected (the user which you wish to no longer monitor), select "Uninstall iSpyNOW" from the left hand column. iSpyNOW will be removed off that PC immediately the next time it connects to the central iSpyNOW server!

How do I view the recorded iSpyNOW data?

Each iSpyNOW member receives their own personal iSpyNOW control panel console for viewing logs. Unlike other products our server centralizes member information and dynamically stores that information after your purchase. If you are having difficulty finding your username and password please read the email you received upon purchase. This email will explain what is needed to setup your iSpyNOW members account. This is where you will obtain your login information.

How does the iSpyNOW module get on a remote PC?

There are multiple methods you can use to get the file on the remote machine. The most widely used option is to send it via e-mail, and have the remote user execute it (keep in mind, once it is executed, they will NOT be prompted with any dialogs or windows. iSpyNOW will begin monitoring their machine in 110% stealth).

The other options would be to manually run the file on the target machine, or copy it to a floppy disk or CD, take it to the machine, and run it yourself. The possibilities are endless - however, once the module is executed, it will continue recording until YOU stop it from doing so!

Is iSpyNOW detected by virus scanners?

Of course not! iSpyNOW is a professional remote monitoring solution designed to be just that. iSpyNOW does not and will not be detected by virus scanners. This includes Macafee and Norton anti virus.

Is there a walkthrough available for using and deploying iSpyNOW?

Yes! We offer a complete walk through to all iSpyNOW users. This walk through takes you step by step through the iSpyNOW software - from point of purchase, to downloading the Tray Companion software, to creating your personalized member account, and to building and deploying your custom iSpyNOW module. We strongly recommend all users to review and follow this tutorial!

You can find this in depth walkthrough at the following location: http://www.i-spynow.com/guide.htm

What Operating Systems is iSpyNOW Compatible With?

iSpyNOW was written and tested to work across all of the following platforms...

Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP

Will users know iSpyNOW is installed once they execute it?

iSpyNOW's installation will not be detected if you have configured the application with the "No Splash Screen Option" in your control panel. If you did add the splash screen, users on the target machine will receive your custom warning message once the application is executed or initiated on startup of that PC.

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